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Dog Training

Why does your dog jump up? Why does he bark at buses? Why won’t she come back when she’s called? Would you feel more confident walking them or letting them off the lead if you had more control?


Having a dog can be the most wonderful and rewarding experience. They are faithful and loving companions. But sometimes there can be problems, simple things that can mean your dog becomes a nuisance, a worry or an embarrassment.


First for Dogs is a local Cardiff charity which is aiming to make owning a dog the best that it can be by training you and your dog.


Those who participate in the training programme will learn more about why their dog exhibits certain behaviours, and what they’re trying to tell you. Both dogs and their owners will learn the basic skills to live harmoniously.


If you have a naughty dog but you love them with all your heart, then First for Dogs can teach you the simple techniques to make your home and park life more pleasurable.


If you want to know more about your dog’s needs, including nutrition, exercise and stimulation suited to their breed - First for Dogs can help.


If you have a puppy and are keen to have the best start, and want to avoid the common pitfalls owners make, then First for Dogs can help you and your puppy understand each other. We can teach you how to train your puppy, for free.


How quickly do you think you can learn how to train (or untrain) your dog? How quickly do you think your dog can pick up the verbal and non verbal cues you will learn, and then respond to the simple commands? It will be quicker than you think!  


Dog owners love their companions, but we often put up with unacceptable behaviour. You can turn to First for Dogs Foundation for help and advice. We at First for Dogs Foundation are dedicated to helping you with your dog.


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